Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trivet Nature Free Form Design

A wooden trivet, and empty glass frame and potpourri matched in a divided tray makes a beautiful free choice design work!  

Cheap and Practical Montessori

Kids don’t need perfection, beauty or big bucks spent to place a successful, intriguing work before them.

Stuff around the house can be put together in surprising ways for small hands to use.

My staff says I need to go to estate sale rehab. Years of bringing back random, strange objects has always paid off in the creation of a huge variety of manipulatives that are truly unique.

My box of unmatched items grew empty so off I went bargain hunting again. 25 cents an item or for the whole bag! I always pair each activity up with a 50 cent tray and a 10 cent spoon and my imagination. This week they are not so pretty, but I know the kids will love doing them.

My students inhale practical life works and I rotate them often. The bargain works are created and then bagged up, often with the appropriate 50 cent tray, for quick finding and easy rotation. I know I have over 100 practical life works bagged to switch out. Almost all objects are discount finds from Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage or estate sales.

See my other estate sale posts for more ideas!

These unloved objects have been at the bottom of my unmatched items box for over 15 years. I never thought I could find a use for them until I found wooden eggs at an estate sale. Then, presto!
Their hidden potential was finally made visible. 

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Our toddlers love this and will do it over and over!  Open ended free choice matching of base to wooden eggs. 

I have been saving juice lids and must come up with more
ways to use them all!

Estate sale bonanza. The odd parts fall together to make
this sweet activity for very young children.

A collection of small flag poles have been waiting for years in my closet for the light in my mind to come on.
So obvious!

This would make a church grandma proud.  Church bazaar craft of felt mittens with a hair clip inside is a perfect pinch open and shut work for my students. 

This tall bread tin makes the perfect down the chute
work with styrofoam balls. 

Ask grandma for her ribbons!

Where else but at an estate sale can one find such odd items.

We needed simple hand work for the toddlers
and this did the trick.

This is so elementary that I hesitated to put it out. The twos and threes did this non-stop all afternoon! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Geometric Solids Fractions

This is why I love estate sales!

I sorted two boxes of wooden fraction blocks found in the basement of an estate sale that 
match the Geometric Solids !

Oklahoma barite rose rocks and a weird ball were in the boxes!

The possibilities!

Found dates in boxes from 1979.
 I am sure the past owner, who was an early childhood educator,
is smiling down from heaven!

Cube Extension
Every which way to divide a cube.
It boggles my mind!

Rectangular Prism Extension
What a lesson this will be!

The rest of the family now have all wooden classification matches.
I had used a basket of found objects of various shapes before. 

Mystery forms

I struggled with these until they became cubes from three odd looking pieces!
My old way of classification has been upgraded!

Flat wooden shapes hold a future of design wonderful to behold!
I have bagged the rest of the shapes for exploration in math
and Reggio loose parts!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Towel Apple Trees

So easy!  Twist brown paper towels into a tree. Glue old puzzle pieces for leaves and wood craft tiles for a fence!
Paint in apples and green up the leaves.
Even our youngest kids loved doing this!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Free Form Designs on Trays

Old jewelry and wooden objects make a lovely design work for even the youngest children who need a bit more containment when doing a free form activity.